damn i hate that gone girl book n i wish i never read the damn dookie book n i just saw the trailer for the movie n im such scum a small part of me wants to see it


friend: i’m getting mcdonalds you want anything?

me: i don’t have money

friend: it’s all good, i’ll pay




do u ever think about like someone u been friends w like a long time n u know a great deal about them n shit and they come to u w comments like “its 93 degrees arent u hot wearing that shrug??” like why r u askin ?? ofc im fucking hot!!!! i just feel secure w it n plus it is an added bonus to the mega ACs the stores blast but u know im comfortable wearing this as Ive told u !repeatedly! it is a safety zone for me ..blegh..

sibling: this ginger ale is expired, why r u pouring another cup.?

me: becauese in the end we all expire, n i dont give a caca!!! its ginger ale!!!!

I’m sitting here till 430 n that will be counted as me serving jury duty n ill be paid 5 bucks n lemme tell when ur broke n ur ma got u doin chores nonstop, this a vacation to me ……

Perfume for Chocola BB


Amg why did I ever put off getting this cutie??

Also, bee photobomb in the last shot.

[PRESS PHOTOS] 140717 Mnet M!Countdown



me in 60 years

Oh my god